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Online Fitness Coach for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

Helping you develop individually suitable training and nutrition habits to get and stay in shape

My HaPi-Method

My specially developed method that guarantees remote workers and digital nomads fast and long-lasting results 


Do you spend hours sitting in front of your laptop and have not yet found a way to get and stay fit? Then follow my HaPi-Method!

In the last few years, I have worked together with busy remote workers from anywhere in the world. 
From this, I have developed a habit-based concept that is not only another quick fix, but will keep you fit and energetic in the long run.

You can work from everywhere, but ultimately you're always sitting in front of your laptop?

This saves you the trip to the office, but unfortunately also saves you a minimum of daily movement?

And although you can often manage your own time, you don't ascribe enough of it to your well-being?

Well, even if you would, you would have to cut back on other areas of life?

My Concept


We will adapt my concept individually to you and your lifestyle. Here, It is important to match your personal interests with goal-oriented training and nutrition habits. Like that we make sure you enjoy the progress AND the process.


From week to week, we will introduce small but effective habits. These are always the ones that are most relevant for you to reach your goal. I will help you internalize these habits so that after our cooperation you will stay fit effortlessly.


Tailoring exercise and nutrition habits individually to your weekly schedule, you don't have to worry about sacrificing on other areas of life. My concept will be adjusted to you, not the other way around.


My coaching takes place exclusively online. As a remote worker myself, I can be there for my clients no matter where or when. This allows the flexibility of working together even on your business or vacation trips.

who am I for?

I support remote workers and digital nomads who want to become more active and fit. Is your everyday life often busy and spontaneous?

I specialize on remote workers and digital nomads who don’t want to restrict themselves – but rather implement a few healthy habits to become sustainably fit. 

Since my work is 100% tailored to my clients, I naturally have limited time resources. I therefore allow myself to choose who is suitable for the free Free Consultation Session. Just fill out the short booking form and I will get back to you shortly!

In the Free Consultation Session, we´ll take a close look at your current situation and your goals. Then, we identify the main reasons why you have not reached your desired fitness level yet. On that basis, we will work out a step-by-step plan together that will lead you to the physical condition that you always wanted. 

I would like to specifically choose who I work with and who I can support to achieve their goals. For that, I first have to get to know the person properly – that can only be done through an intensive consultation appointment. 

That cannot be answered in general terms. The Free Consultation Session serves to develop an individual plan for you and is dependent on your schedule and daily routines. Only when I know exactly what your plan looks like, I can assess what time and financial investment is necessary to implement the whole thing together with me. 


No. The appointment is completely non-binding. In the end, it’s up to you whether you implement the plan alone or tackle it together with me.

about me...

When I started working out about 15 years ago, I tried various training plans, various diets and various approaches. And to be honest, yes, with some of these things, I even could see some progress here and there. The problem: I don’t like to limit myself. I want to be free and spontaneous in the decision of what I eat and how or where I exercise. However, that doesn’t go along very well with most of the conventional training and nutrition plans you find out there on the internet or wherever. The result: I tried hard for a while, until life happened, my efforts got less and less, and I finally fell back to old habits. Wow, all that time and energy for nothing. That’s why I finally decided to acquire first the basic, then the more advanced knowledge and skills regarding fitness and health. I made my fitness trainer licenses, and studied sports at the university. However, learning not only about the trainability of the human body, but also about sustainable habit formation was something like the last piece of the puzzle for me.  From now, I could write my own training and nutrition concepts and made small adjustments that suited me, my life, and my goals. Adjustments that then developed to habits.

That’s when I realized: It can be so easy. You don’t even have to limit yourself if you make just the most relevant and enjoyable changes that it requires to achieve your goal. You don’t have to limit yourself if you have an individualized training and nutrition concept. A concept that is enjoyable on the one hand, and goal-orientated on the other. But how to build such a thing? By progressively implementing simple but very effective habits, week by week. They have to be so manageable, that you are not even struggling to implement them. They have to be so effective, that there is not even another way than reaching your goal. Over the years, I have developed a habit-based method that I now use to help my clients get fit and healthy long term. 


"I highly recommend working with Marlon! I run a few businesses, have a personal life, and love to vacation. While I was making time to exercise I wasn't getting the results I wanted and researching ways to get results were overwhelming and contradicted one another very often. Plus, I didn't want any kind of diet where I felt like I was suffering or that I couldn't/wouldn't want to maintain years from now. I tried that and it backfired on me. I want a life of fitness and nutrition that integrates with my whole self. Since working with Marlon I have had this! He does all the work and research to determine what works best for me and my lifestyle and all I have to do is show up. It's awesome! In just a few weeks, my fitness and nutrition are better than ever. I enjoyed the food I wanted during the holidays and still lost weight! I could never feel this great or have achieved the results I have on my own - I already tried. Marlon works with my strengths and weaknesses, keeps me accountable, pushes/encourages me to be my best, and I'm enjoying the results!"
Melissa Smith
United States

"Marlon is a tremendous coach and really helped me achieve the level of fitness that I want Highly recommended
Stefan Lassak
United States

"Marlon really helped me to get back to an active lifestyle. After getting sick, I tried for years to get back to a fitness routine and never was able to make it stick. I now feel confident that I can keep my new habits and get fit again."
Anne Claessen
"Toda la vida he sido deportista de hobby, pero en realidad nunca me sentí en un estado físico satisfactorio. No entendía por que no me podía ver marcado, o tener más músculo. Por otra parte el gimnasio siempre me parecía aburrido porque no entendía la lógica del entrenamiento. Desde que empecé a entrenar con Marlon me hizo ver que las pesas en combinación con mis deportes es lo que en realidad me va a dar un “prime” en mi rendimiento, y además es lo que verdaderamente me hará ver FIT. Además de tener una sensibilidad muy desarrollada para diseñarte tus rutinas, también encontré que durante los entrenamientos te enseña la lógica de los ejercicios, lo cual en realidad te da herramientas para que el resto de tu vida tu puedas ir aprendiendo a crear tus entrenamientos. Por último, me diseño una rutina de pesas enfocada en mi performance como motociclista extremo. Un mes no pude entrenar en la moto pero si hice esa rutina. Cuando me subí nuevamente a la moto pese a no haber entrenado en la moto ese mes, me sentía super fluído, ágil y habilidoso, como consecuencia de la fuerza y la stamina que había desarrollado con esa rutina específica. Marlon 100% recomendado."
Arnulfo López

"Marlon has been a fantastic coach, helped me frame a sustainable habit system that allowed me to follow a healthy and active lifestyle despite having to move around a lot. I would highly recommend!"
Nick Xenos
"Ich kann nur positives sagen. Es ist genau die Mischung am Ende gewesen, die ich mir vorgestellt habe. Nämlich auf der einen Seite dieses Eingehen auf das sportliche Vermögen und Unvermögen. Das hast du ja mit einer sehr großen Empathie hinbekommen und da immer Anreize gegeben, die Abwechslung reingegeben haben - Die nach 8 Wochen schon ganz deutliche Erfolge gezeigt haben. Man hat sich viele Sachen aneignen können, die man auch jetzt mal so zwischendurch ausprobieren und einbauen kann. Weil es eben viele Übungen sind, die vom Setting her sehr unkompliziert und sehr alltagstauglich sind."
Stephan Marcus Hübner

"Marlon managed to bring automatisms into my life within 10 weeks, which sustainably make me integrate sports, nutrition and mental tips and tricks into my daily work routine. In addition to a significantly better fitness and well-being, his training approach also made me organize myself and maintain my training habits myself in the long term. Through a smart balance between digital helpers and a progressive training and nutrition plan without big supplements and feasible goals, Marlon managed to integrate a healthy lifestyle into my everyday life without neglecting my very different working hours, sleeping rhythms or regularly changing days off. I'm super happy with what I've achieved so far and I'm glad to have gotten a framework through him that I can continue to progress with even beyond the 10 weeks. So I would describe his methods as rather unconventional and straightforward. Anyway, everyone is responsible for their own success, but Marlon definitely helps you to get your ass up!"
Tristan Ohrmann

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